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I created this card for myself. SAE is one of my personal solo projects. I create ambient electronic music live in real time with the use of looping and sequencers.

Business Card Design

Developed for a musician, teacher, producer and engineer. The client wanted a fun play on the music theme without using cliché notation symbols. The tape was clearly the best medium to fit to a card, but it works well as it is the era the client grew up in.


Identity development. Logo and Business card. This was a unique client. The product Pixibella produces is custom designed handmade tutus. We pulled inspiration from lace and antique iron work. Pixibella is a high end fashion creation for the fancy female looking to have fun.

Krueger Group

Identity creation for a high-end builder. The objective here was to stay away from all things construction and just convey the luxury of the service that is being offered. Simple and clean use of type combined with a rich color palette made for an effective branding. We also opted for the international size business card which adds that extra touch of class.

SSYP Recycling Team

T-shirt design for an after school program. The goal was to make an exciting design that would get children motivated and be part of a team. I like how the recycle symbol makes me feel as if we did so good recycling that vegetation took it over as a thank you from Mother Earth.

Boot Mechanic

Logo development for a custom ski boot fitter. Derivatives included stickers and signage. I originally developed an illustration of a modern ski boot with a wrench turning at the ankle. We ending up going back to original sketches that \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"custom fit\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" the company name into a boot. Sometimes straight translation of the symbol works just fine.

Sonas: Integrative Medical Center

Identity development and signage. In Gaelic \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Sonas\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" means happiness. I created a tree with roots mimicking Celtic designs. The roots also reflect the word integrative and the circle is symbolizing ongoing life.


Landscape architects. Design, consulting, maintenance and construction. After many different sketches I starting playing with different designs of leaves. When I started arranging them I saw the spade coming into view. Double whammy symbolism for the win!


Photo collage using creative commons licensed imagery from Flickr. Live music promotion. I think I am only in bands so I can make super cool posters :D

Administrative Assistant Done Wright

Logo development for an admin assistant. A play on the words right and her last name Wright. The character with glasses immediately communicates the classic idea of assistant or secretary.

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